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The Aftermath of Addictions Path

Walking the Tightrope; Crutched or Cured?

Lesser of Two Evils- Devils in the Details

There’s no permanent cure, just a temporary crutch. Medical science has implied that the answer lies in prescription drugs. Introducing us to our replacement, trading our habit for a different one. The havoc our habit wrecked upon our bodies, now we must look for even more significant side effects to come. The war on drugs- First, turned in our bullets; now handed us the guns.

The Real American Horror Story;

In a Bottle.

We are told that scary comes in a mask at night. However, the truth is it comes disguised in medication bottles, labeled as treatment or pain relief. A pill as small as a penpoint, yet as deadly as a virus—but deadlier, because it appears the opposite. The orange bottle wouldn’t really raise red flags, although it should. Before you realize it, this bottle takes ahold of your life, or even worse—your child’s life. As a thief in the night, it comes quickly without notice, wrecking havoc on whoever crosses its tempting little path.

With the rising numbers of opiate related deaths, hospitalizations, or deaths; If you haven’t become concerned by now, you should. It can turn your entire world upside down! The son with so much potential to become a pro-football player, or the daughter on her way to becoming a Doctor will soon become the drug addict who got kicked off the team, or the user who needs a Doctor.

As parents, we raise our child thinking we have prepared them for everything—thinking we have dodged a bullet. All along the real enemy waits silently, as it continues claiming more innocent lives. What’s the cure you ask? Well, unfortunately there isn’t exactly a treatment to take it all away, but there’s a management for the withdrawal symptoms.

It’s called Suboxone, but it’s a prescription itself. I guess it is what most people would consider irony. However, as the saying goes, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. And much like a venomous bite, the primary treatment is anti-venom, using the same toxins but differently. Some may consider this a crutch and not a care, but for others it’s become the answer to leaving opiates alone for good—except for an occasional relapse, for some. But in order to be successful it requires determination, strength, and will-power. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

This is how I would describe opiate addiction, and its treatment. At least, for me it has been this way. I notice a lot of mixed feelings and opinions with the use of Suboxone for opiate maintenance. Again, the keyword is maintenance, because it isn’t something that just goes away unless you stay away from it. It is a choice you have to make every day, and it will be the consequences of the choice you made when using opiates. It is unfortunate because no one wakes up, choosing to be a drug addict—but regardless of what has led you here, the course of treatment remains the same.

Everyone has their reasons, mistakes, regrets, and consequences to face. I face mine every single day I wake up, taking Suboxone to avoid withdrawal symptoms; Not because I want to chase a high, or enjoy it. Although, not everyone can say the same, because for some it has been Suboxone that lead to their addiction. With its chemical ingredients being half opiate antagonist (blocker), and the other half being a protagonist (partial opiate), it possesses enough potential to become a habit in the wrong hands.

I have been on this medication for over 10 years now—attempting to go cold turkey more than twice, but after over 2 weeks of withdrawal symptoms not subsiding, it has been hard to get off of! However, it has also been years since I have last used an opiate other than Suboxone with the sole intent of avoiding the uncomfortableness and agonizing feeling of withdrawal. The downside is the other problems the Suboxone has caused me, such as tooth decay, severe headaches, increased acid reflux, and far more fragile bone density.

Of course, as anyone would be, I am concerned with the long-term effects of Suboxone. Yet, Im faced with the option of suffering through detox, which could take longer than a couple weeks. I was always under the assumption that it only took 2 weeks to detox, but I have learned it also depends on the person, and type of opiate you have been using.

So, answering whether Suboxone is a crutch or cure totally depends on the person. However, Suboxone has opiate like effects because of its partial opiate properties, and obviously you are using it to manage. With everything taken into consideration, I would have to say it leans more towards being a crutch than a cure. And it also to blame for the cause of opiate addiction because with Suboxone rising to popularity in the market, it also gained popularity on the streets being used recreationally.

As the DEA cracks down on opiate prescriptions, the recent problem is becoming Suboxone. With access to this medication being more easily given, it has become the drug of choice among most users. Regardless of what the DEA attempts to do, their strategies will always fall short among today’s society. We have become broken, systematically. The fundamental mindset is more concerned with the fun part, and not enough with the mental.


I'm a 30-year-old mother to my 2 beautiful baby girls—and a fiance to my wonderful soulmate, best friend, my other half, and partner for life, my hubby. As someone who constantly over-analyzes most scenarios and can absorb a clear mental image of my surroundings, while still maintaining conversation along with attempting to take on some other task to do—all at the same time... Although I cannot multi-task at everything, I'm able to absorb enough elements of my environment to be aware of what's going on. I can be quite the element of surprise—appearing as if my attention span is uncanny, but I'm far more aware than most would perceive me to be. As a natural-born Empath with the ability to sense the emotions or vibes of those within my distance. I am a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell--they just need someone who's willing to listen to them. I wear my heart-on-my-sleeve, and a smile on my face, putting my best foot forward... always willing to help or hear those in need. I have pursued a path of potential, a place where I can introduce my thoughts, feelings, opinions, support, stories, and so much more! Growing up, my childhood might as well have been a storyline to a book with all the twists, turns, tempers, tainted memories, and stories so unbelievable that most would have a hard time finding it true—it happened and I can assure you it's all true... I have always had so much to say but such a hard time saying it—it's just so much easier to type/write my thoughts and feelings as a way of getting things off my chest. I struggle with self-expression in the verbal form. However, written words can save I have always had this overwhelming urge to pour my heart & soul out creatively and expressively, whether it be poetry, expressive writing, or occasionally, drawing art. If you are interested in reading about real-life scenarios, current and past world events—how they play into today's events, along with politics, religion, socialism, capitalism, cancel-culture, society, addiction—the rawest form of expression in the most open manner. Please, follow my blog for more....

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