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An Alteration of History to Support Programmed Belief Systems

When we think of history, and recollection of historical events—one question comes to mind, why should we believe these events—because we’re told to?…

Here, I will be sharing some more resources regarding the false facts of history”.

Honestly, have you ever stopped to consider the fact that everything we’ve been told or taught about our history are actually accumulated fairytales—made up along the way in order to better support a theme, an ideal, a belief system, or political view, etc…?

Some may think this thought to be too radical, or a typical theory of a Conspiracist. I must say that, if I hadn’t begin uncovering the dark keepings of this rabbit hole—I’d probably agree with you! However, after learning how to better browse the Internet and uncover a lot of the articles that are filtered out through Google—left in the dark web for anyone to read whom knows how to use it.

I will create an instructional guide in another one of my blogs—explaining how to browse the dark web. Until discovering the use of the DuckDuckGo search bar, I’d honestly given up on fact finding through the internet. Especially, when over 50% of it is controlled by Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even down to Google Classroom—operating both of my daughters school work and classes.

The world has become so reliant on Artificial Technology, and with the latest discoveries over the past few decades—you would have to be sleeping under a rock in order to avoid the face of Bill Gates—everywhere!

And now, with the latest invention since Covid-19—Google Classroom is the forefront of our children’s schooling, essentially their futures. You see the disgusting mannerisms of the Rich & Powerful—the open remarks made are not taken literally. However, his words are very literal…. it’s his way of sugarcoating truth—something most of these moguls, Capitalist, Socialists, or Power Groups intend to do.

Seriously, what makes a man such as Bill Gates some sort of leading voice of reason? Here, in this New York Times article—Bill Gates claims not to be a college dropout like him, while promoting the success he’s found in doing so…. hypocrisy at it’s finest!

Now, that I’ve touched topic on Google, and it’s developer—time to explain why Bill Gates is the subject of this topic… after all, it’s his search bar that’s generating “facts”, right? In recent news, I’m sure you may have heard the stories break about how these big tech companies played a part in politically influencing the U.S elections.

Essentially, rather than altering already existing history—history is being created in the making, and influentially directed by these leading “expert” voices.


I'm a 30-year-old mother to my 2 beautiful baby girls—and a fiance to my wonderful soulmate, best friend, my other half, and partner for life, my hubby. As someone who constantly over-analyzes most scenarios and can absorb a clear mental image of my surroundings, while still maintaining conversation along with attempting to take on some other task to do—all at the same time... Although I cannot multi-task at everything, I'm able to absorb enough elements of my environment to be aware of what's going on. I can be quite the element of surprise—appearing as if my attention span is uncanny, but I'm far more aware than most would perceive me to be. As a natural-born Empath with the ability to sense the emotions or vibes of those within my distance. I am a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell--they just need someone who's willing to listen to them. I wear my heart-on-my-sleeve, and a smile on my face, putting my best foot forward... always willing to help or hear those in need. I have pursued a path of potential, a place where I can introduce my thoughts, feelings, opinions, support, stories, and so much more! Growing up, my childhood might as well have been a storyline to a book with all the twists, turns, tempers, tainted memories, and stories so unbelievable that most would have a hard time finding it true—it happened and I can assure you it's all true... I have always had so much to say but such a hard time saying it—it's just so much easier to type/write my thoughts and feelings as a way of getting things off my chest. I struggle with self-expression in the verbal form. However, written words can save I have always had this overwhelming urge to pour my heart & soul out creatively and expressively, whether it be poetry, expressive writing, or occasionally, drawing art. If you are interested in reading about real-life scenarios, current and past world events—how they play into today's events, along with politics, religion, socialism, capitalism, cancel-culture, society, addiction—the rawest form of expression in the most open manner. Please, follow my blog for more....

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