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Pharmacists-The Legally Licensed Drug Dealers

Considering this Opiate Epidemic we currently face—that’s been a huge societal obstacle! And the sadness of addiction is that it manifests in more ways than one, completely manipulating a persons mindset.

What makes the Opiate Epidemic one of the scariest is because these addictions typically begin at the hands of a physician. A person maybe experiencing slight pain symptoms which are most likely due to underlying health issues—instead, the pain is treated with opiates.

As long as these Doctors continue to Push these Poisons onto people, we will only continue watching the amount of addictions or opiate related deaths increase.

Oftentimes, the biggest failure occurs Systematically. The increasingly high morbidity rate associated with Opiate Abuse is alarming. As the numbers continue to climb, we can’t help but ask, “why haven’t the amount of substance abuse treatment options increased?”…..

The issue with these treatments set in place is the accessibility to them. There have been strict guidelines put in place with these programs to ensure continued success in sobriety. Typically, the guidelines put in place will be dependent upon the program, State and guidelines, as well as FDA & DEA regulations. However, the program will require…

  • Consistently Clean Urinalysis—testing usually occurs randomly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • Urinalysis must also show the correct medications and levels in your system.
  • May also be required to show proof you are attending Narcotics Anonymous weekly or bi-weekly.

AFFORDABILITY —while these program guidelines typically work, the biggest concern is the costs of these treatments. Until recently, there were no cost effective generic versions for “Suboxone”—most popular drug used during opiate addiction treatment.

Currently, there are about 8 different medications that have been FDA Approved for the use of opiate addiction—treating the uncomfortable physical side-effects caused when your body becomes dependent to the opiates.

For those who aren’t quite aware of what guidelines may exist, please follow the SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration).

With the increase in Opiate Addiction—there’s also an increase in opiate addicted pregnant mothers.

Fighting Fire with Fire is what we’re forced to do. This can be an extremely sensitive situation to be in, especially as an expecting mother. The physical withdrawal symptoms can be extremely dangerous for the unborn fetus of an expectant mother. However, it’s just as much a danger to put these medications in your body while pregnant….

Although, even just the thought of physical withdrawal itself can be enough to make you feel uncomfortable. When you combine the element of addiction with life, you will definitely experience sufferingone way or another.

In the right hands, these medications do help treat a lot of people. If continued in the right hands, these opiate relieve Chronic Pain—in the wrong hands, both medically & independently, these prescriptions lead to Abuse.

Doctors or Dealers? Pharmacist or Pill Pusher? When we think of prescriptions, the first thought that usually comes to mind is Doctors and Pharmacists—what role do they play in this epidemic? Honestly, our biggest problem exists within our own corrupt medical system of Doctors, Pharmacists, and other influential healthcare roles.

The Domino Effect—all it takes is one time, only one time to become addicted! And while addiction occurs rather rapidly, sobriety can be a slower process—requiring commitment and patience. As we’ve mentioned above—withdrawal has some really uncomfortable physical symptoms such as….

  • Irregular Body Temperature (inability to properly regulate temperature)
  • Cold Sweats/Hot Sweats
  • Diarrhea
  • Restlessness throughout entire body, severe enough to prevent you from sleeping.
  • Sleeplessness
  • Irritability
  • Depression, Mood swings, and sometimes even severe enough to trigger Suicidal Thoughts

These are the main symptoms that addicts find difficult to deal with, and as an addict myself—I’ve struggled with these symptoms. My addiction began because I was uneducated about opiate addiction and it’s dangers. I didn’t know enough, in fact I hardly knew anything at all—about Opiate addiction, or what I’d been getting myself into.

My habit began like most peoples does—experimenting and having fun. It was through an ex-boyfriend that I’d gained access to Methadone. The irony of this is that Methadone is an FDA approved treatment for opiate addiction. So, I’m sure you’re wondering, “how someone can become addicted to the treatment medication?”

Well, the worst thing about Opiates is that typically, the cause ends up being the treatment itself. You see, Opiate addiction usually requires being treated with another Opiate—an FDA approved drug. Usually, the treatment drug will possess partial Opiate antagonist along with an opiate blocker which forms this cocktail.

This is how highly addictive these chemicals can be, that it only includes a very minimal amount of opiates to combat withdrawal discomforts. Unfortunately, there’s always risks posed with each Medicine, and one of the risks of these treatment medications is prolonged addiction. When it comes to the disasters of addiction, the chaos Never stops unfolding! And sadly, with these types of medications that possess addictive chemical opiate properties—you are essentially fighting fire with fire..,.

Currently, these are the medications listed as FDA approved in the treatment of Opiate Addiction.

Imagine how much better the world would be, if drugs had NEVER been created? A World far less broken and beat, far less crime rates & murder rates, and possibly a far more ambitious society. However, with the ulterior motives of Government, Society, and Big Pharma at play—the concern is more about business, and less about civility.

Refer to my article about Pharmakeia


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