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Don’t Be Fooled By Labels—Drugs are Drugs!

When we think of “drug dealers”, we think about a stereotypical idea of local punks, gathered in groups at different corners to sell their product.

However, a newer, more darker image is emerging—Doctors with their lethal prescription pads. It’s no longer these local hoodlums, it’s the white collars we need to watch out for!

Our biggest fear of having drug-addicted children, it all begins at the hands of a Doctor, writing unnecessary prescriptions, which leads to unintended addiction.

This unfortunately happens more than we realize, and by the time we do begin to realize what’s going on—it’s already, often too late. The drugs have claimed their victim, and the moment this person realizes the dangers they are about to face, they’ve already become a part of this dirty, dangerous game that Big Pharma plays.

These Big Pharmaceutical Companies push their garbage drugs at us, with all these side effects, long term effects, and everything in between. Of course, they don’t get in trouble—because the side effects are written on every prescription label, or manufacturers label. It just so happens it’s in small print and appears unsuspecting, until you begin reading.

Then what do these White Collars do, when a patient experienced side effects? Well, they just prescribe another medication to mask that side effect, and so-on. Before you know it, you’re on 3 or more different medications, all with their own list of side effects. Yet, the medications are prescribed to treat certain side effects of other medicines—of course, off-label, which means they are given for reasons other than the manufacturing company suggests, but that Doctors believe could be helpful or therapeutic.

Here is a better understanding of what prescribing off-label actually means.

Over the past 2 decades, opioid addiction has skyrocketed. With the introduction of drugs such as OxyContin during the 1990’s, opiate addiction has reached a point of no return, as well as no control. It all really began with Purdue Pharma’s introduction of OxyContin, also known as Oxycodone—the opiate property that makes the drug Oxycontin so addictive!

As a born Michigan native, I’m horrified to see that we are among the highest rates.

Statistically, we are in a crisis. And it’s unfortunate that not many people are aware of this monster called “addiction”, that lives so costly to us. It’s not until your own family is affected by it that you begin to realize the true horrors of Big Pharma, White Collars, and our crooked FDA & DEA that allow these things to continue.

As easy as it is to point the blame at Doctors, the truth is that this Rabbit Hole Goes Far Deeper Than That…

This statistically shows the bio-availability rate of various different opiate medications, when administered different routes.

The harsh reality of this epidemic is it all began with a single Opioid medication called “OxyContin”. However, this crisis has now branched off into several other opiate medications being made and distributed. The biggest irony among all of this is that you must treat opioid addiction with opioids—we must fight fire with fire!

Sadly, it’s true. Yes, the main course of opiate addiction treatment is to prescribe a person another opiate medication called “Suboxone”. This is the main choice and course of action, is prescribing Suboxone to addicts who are attempting to get clean. Until about 2002, when Suboxone was approved by the U.S FDA for treatment in opiate addiction, the only known drug made was Methadone.

The benefits of Suboxone vs Methadone are dependent upon a persons situation, in my opinion.

Most often, the benefits of Suboxone Treatment typically outweigh Methadone Maintenance. I believe the major reason for this is because Suboxone is more accessible, and can be easily prescribed in an outpatient setting such as a Doctor Office. While on the other hand, with Methadone Maintenance—you are required to attend a facility every morning by a certain time in order to get your daily dosage.

Perhaps, the lesser controls placed on prescribing Suboxone and in turn making it more accessible is what makes this option more desirable, or suitable. What I find hard to believe is that there’s no long term organ damage, but I also see claims of low risk of abuse because it does not give the patient good feeling relaxation sensation.

If Suboxone truly had a low potential for abuse or addiction, then why are there now treatment facilities offering Suboxone Detox?

For all the safety that supposedly surrounded the use of Suboxone for opiate rehabilitation—we have an equal amount of treatment facilities specializing in Suboxone Detoxification. For such a “safe drug”, why is this? Because the truth is, it’s no safer than any other drugs these White Collars push at us. The biggest blame in all of this comes down to these Big Pharmaceutical Corporations & Companies—the ones who invent, manufacture, and distribute this poison.


I'm a 30-year-old mother to my 2 beautiful baby girls—and a fiance to my wonderful soulmate, best friend, my other half, and partner for life, my hubby. As someone who constantly over-analyzes most scenarios and can absorb a clear mental image of my surroundings, while still maintaining conversation along with attempting to take on some other task to do—all at the same time... Although I cannot multi-task at everything, I'm able to absorb enough elements of my environment to be aware of what's going on. I can be quite the element of surprise—appearing as if my attention span is uncanny, but I'm far more aware than most would perceive me to be. As a natural-born Empath with the ability to sense the emotions or vibes of those within my distance. I am a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell--they just need someone who's willing to listen to them. I wear my heart-on-my-sleeve, and a smile on my face, putting my best foot forward... always willing to help or hear those in need. I have pursued a path of potential, a place where I can introduce my thoughts, feelings, opinions, support, stories, and so much more! Growing up, my childhood might as well have been a storyline to a book with all the twists, turns, tempers, tainted memories, and stories so unbelievable that most would have a hard time finding it true—it happened and I can assure you it's all true... I have always had so much to say but such a hard time saying it—it's just so much easier to type/write my thoughts and feelings as a way of getting things off my chest. I struggle with self-expression in the verbal form. However, written words can save I have always had this overwhelming urge to pour my heart & soul out creatively and expressively, whether it be poetry, expressive writing, or occasionally, drawing art. If you are interested in reading about real-life scenarios, current and past world events—how they play into today's events, along with politics, religion, socialism, capitalism, cancel-culture, society, addiction—the rawest form of expression in the most open manner. Please, follow my blog for more....

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