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Nested by a Narcissist

As someone who was raised among Narcissism, both from my mother and other close family relatives. Because of this, what I’ve noticed, learned, and lived has lead me to believe that Narcissism is without a doubt, genetically dominant if the environment favors the factors.

When I was a child, I recall my mother, along with grandmother always craving to be center of attention. When it came down to my Grandma, this was far more noticeable. However, where my mother is concerned, she was always more covert about it.

The older I got, the more I began to realize a subtle but definite pattern of behavior. There was a severe lack of empathy that existed among a lot of the women in my family—some men, too. This lack of emotion made conversation difficult, especially confiding in others.

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Introduction of the Author

I’m a creative and expressive writer, a natural born Visionary. Aside from being a writer, I’m also a mother, a fiancé, a woman with a large heart, kindred spirit, and strong soul. Able to speak my mind through the works of my writing, hoping to bring relevant and relatable content to my readers.

Why do this?

  • To connect with others through logic, circumstance, and creativeness.
  • To offer a comprehensive outlook on my opinions, self-experiences, passions, thoughts, and viewpoints.
  • Hoping to appeal to others by pulling back the curtains, peeling back the layers, and holding nothing back!
  • Aiming to provide a platform for open discussion and relatable content to connect with others on a personal level.
  • My goal is to set a tone to my blogs that is informational, helpful, and an outlet for others to speak their truths without fear of judgment.

We live in a world that tends to sugarcoat the facts, shelter our right to free speech, and choose the concept of censorship. With so many things evolving, the one thing that seems to be failing is our ability to connect to others on a deeper level. Whether our freedom be feared or forgotten, it’s hardly practiced.

I want to introduce myself as a mother of 2 young daughters, a happily engaged woman whose been lucky enough to have found my soulmate, and someone who finds my way through words. I hope to replenish and renew hope itself, and create a blog that appeals to all.

I want to remind others of the fundamental foundation we as people are blessed with, and that’s the freedom to speak your mind! I plan to blog about a variety of topics, among those will be addiction, socialism, trending beauty & health tips, parenting, politics, religion, and spirituality.

Welcome everyone, from all walks of life. I am happy that for one reason or another you’ve come across my blog. I aim to connect with everyone, and ask in advance that everyone have an open mind, as we dive into some sensitive topics. By choosing to include my personal views or opinions of religion, politics, and personal experiences, I’m aware of how passionate some can become towards these topics. I just ask that this be a place where peace of mind is exercised, where judgment is left behind, and if you don’t agree with what I have to say then that’s fine, because you don’t have to. All I ask is that you kindly agree to disagree, and keep the negativity to yourself. Please acknowledge the difference between patronizing vs passion when it comes to expressing your thoughts and opinions.

As a beginner to blogging and WordPress, I’m learning as I go and will slowly begin updating my blog as I become more familiar with everything. Being a mother of 2 little girls is obviously where most of my focus and time goes, so I don’t get to write as many blogs as I’d like, but I try to write at every opportunity I’m given.

Once again, welcome everyone! Follow me along my journey from turning an idea into a goal, putting my thoughts into action as I build a brand. This won’t be a brand aimed towards the sole purpose of revenue, but a brand based on building upon honesty, communication, connection, and transferring my passions to paper… or to keyboard, I should say.

Unlimited conversation with no specific topics, mostly centered around my personal experiences, triumphs, losses, wins, weaknesses, strengths, and opinions. Hoping to strike a chord by my willingness to openly discuss some sensitive and uncomfortable issues, without a filter or mask. Bearing my soul, undressing my reality, and inscribing exactly what I feel, or have experienced.

Well, I guess I should include a couple things you might notice or find when it comes to my blogs.

  • A tendency to write long blogs due to my overly expressive nature. However, I tend to make my titles speak volumes, so you know exactly what you’ll find within that blog.
  • I consider myself a highly extroverted extreme introvert; a walking contradiction at times due to my paradoxical nature.
  • Honesty is the best policy; I can guarantee to always be truthful with my readers, and upholding the integrity of individuality.
  • I will put my best efforts into only adding validated resources, unless said otherwise.
  • I must warn that most of my content is for a mature audience, and will discuss topics such as sex, drugs, etc. and sometimes the use of profound language. I’m a pitty mouth, but I’m trying to work on it.

As i previously stated, I will add more to my site as I begin to lean along the way. I plan on creating a newsletter you can sign up for, as I hopefully grow a decent sized audience and support system. I’m open to constructive criticism, or preferably friendly pointers on any suggestions you may have.

Taking the advice of WordPress as I write this— just start writing, and worry about editing it later. As I’m sometimes plagued with writers block, it can be extremely frustrating when I have so much I would love to write about, but can’t even seem to find the right words. Then on the other hand, there’s those times when the thoughts are just flowing, but you don’t have time to write… another frustrating feeling!

However, I’m going to wrap this up. Not trying to babble on and bore anyone before they even get to the good stuff. Please, subscribe to my blogs, and a newsletter I will hopefully be bringing to you soon. Join me on this path to becoming a blogger, using WordPress as my current platform and hopefully growing from here.

Thank you.